What an honor to be considered to walk alongside you in this season and to get the chance to document your happiest days. Seriously - being welcomed into each couple’s celebration is a privilege I’ll never quite get over. I love chatting with relatives between toasts, seeing your families faces light up as you say “I do”, snapping blurry photos as kiddos race round the reception - but, most of all, I love helping make your wedding the most joyful day ever. I do what I do so you can be present with the people you love most - have real conversations, dance your heart out, hug every neck and breath deep.

There’s so much life in your wedding for you to be PRESENT for, I want to be the person you trust implicitly to capture the fullness of it all.

Your most beautiful and cherished images will always be the TRUE ones. Nose crinkling laughter, a look that lasts just a touch too long making you teary, absentminded handholds and deep kisses. I can fluff trains and straighten ties (and, believe me, I will when needed), but never at the expense of CONNECTION. Never at the expense of connection to your love, to your people and to the present moment.

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The bread and butter of wedding day photography coverage. Capture any standard wedding day from start to finish with the perfect amount of hours with just a little wiggle room for those spontaneous moments.

Whether you'd like to celebrate where you are now with an engagement session, soak in every moment of this season of expectation with a bridal session, gift your love a boudoir session or luxuriate in those newlywed feels with a day-after session - we've got you covered.

I often compare my focus on a wedding day as a spot light on you and your fiancé. People will pass the through the spot light as they interact with you, but my primary focus will be y’all. A second shooter offers a wider perspective, adds depth and texture to your final gallery and allows me to “be in two places at once” during high activity parts of the day.

Some wedding days just need little extra time to allow everything to unfold without feeling rushed. Additional hours can be helpful when multiple locations are involved, when have a large guest count or maybe you just want to party allllll night long!

Is your wedding outside of Dallas?

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Every wedding is unique - so hit me with your questions on how we can make your photography coverage perfect for you.

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